When I worked out today, I noticed a sudden happiness and peace filling up my body. As I paddled on my cardio machine with a grin on my face, sweat pouring down my back, I couldn’t help but wonder, what is actually causing this? It is called endorphins  Endorphins are a chemical, released by your body when exercising. These chemicals reduce perception of pain, trigger positive feelings in the body and boost your mood which lowers depression. Regular exercise also improve sleep, increase self-esteem, strengthen your heart, increase your energy lever, lower blood pressure…..oh and of course it improves muscle tone, strength, builds bones, reduces body fat and makes you look good.

A great way to reduce stress is practicing yoga. Yoga reduces the impact of exaggerated stress and is helpful for anxiety and depression. Yoga is the unity of the mind, the body and the spirit. It is a wonderful way to increase flexibility. Many athletes push their bodies to the limit but cannot touch their toes. When working on your flexibility, take deep long breaths and concentrate on your balance. By using yoga poses, you are not only stretching your body, but all of your soft tissue of your body (ligaments, tendons).

Another great way to get these endorphins flowing is weight lifting.  It improves muscle strength and muscle tone.  If you strengthen your muscles, you can improve your posture and balance. Weight training also can help prevent osteoporosis. Postmenopausal women are especially prone to osteoporosis because they lack estrogen. Strength training increases bone mass, especially spinal bone mass.  Women, who do not participate in strength training, actually experience a decrease in bone density.

Cardio! We all hate it somewhat, but it is very important. Not only does it shed unwanted fat and trim your body, but it also pumps extra blood to your brain to deliver oxygen and nutrients.  It floods the brain with chemicals to enhance memory and problem solving.  Cardiovascular health is important to improve learning and memory. In addition, it lowers stress level and boosts your mood.

Did you know that exercise improves your sex-life? Exercise boosts your testosterone levels and increases the blood flow in your genitals and even improves your orgasms. Who knew that getting sweaty could be so sexy?


Inspired? Well….put these sneakers on and lets go!

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