Unconditional love

Unconditional love is known as “affection without any limitation”. We all want it, we all want to feel it, and we all want to feel loved. We hear people talk about it and hear songs about it. There are thousands of self-help books about true love…

Somehow, we are all longing for it. We are searching on the internet for it; we go out with friends, hoping “Mr(s). Right” will appear so we can live happily everafter, and we sign up for activities in order to meet the missing puzzle piece in our life.

What really is unconditional love? It is definitely different from the kind of love most of us experience. In fact, it is a journey, not a destination. From an early age on, we are taught that love is someone that we find outside of our self, and that we are very fortunate if the right person will come along, and if that happens we live happily everafter.

Unfortunately, many times we give our love to the wrong person. We marry or date “Mr(s). Wrong” because we are tired of waiting for someone else, being afraid that nothing better will come along, or we are blindly ‘in love’ without being able to see the real truth. Love, just like joy and peace, is not in tangible things we seek and find outside of us.

They are in fact qualities that are already IN-side of us. We are only to unmask them. True LOVE is JOY in the heart….in your heart. When you are in love with yourself and your world, do you feel an expansive joy inside, bursting to express the same outwardly. This is what we call the “Overflow”. Only when we own the gift of love, can we give and receive it from others.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself today: “How much do I love myself?” If you don’t love yourself that much, you need to start doing so immediately. Affirmations are very helpful. Hug yourself every day and tell your mirror image how crazy you are about yourself. Tell yourself how much you appreciate yourself and how much you love yourself unconditionally with all your flaws. Your lovely imperfections shaped you into the perfect YOU, you are right now.

Find forgiveness in your heart for all the people who have hurt your feelings. Forgive your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your teacher, God, …the whole world if you have to. This will clear your heart from negative energy and allows the flow of love.
Once you have done that, you can easily receive love from another person in a powerful way. This person will be able to love you unconditionally. In fact, for this person, your imperfections make you more attractive and loveable. True love alone has the power to heal, bind and create a deep relationship. This person will be greeting you at the door every day, grabbing your face and putting kisses all over it, looking into your eyes and telling you, you were missed and loved…. Two great loves (yourself and your soul-mate) = unconditional love. The greatest power known to man is that of unconditional love, because it is a limitless way of being.

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