The “Joys” Of Cancer

My friend calls her blog the “joys of cancer’, however, I never thought there was anything joyful about a life threatening disease. Instead there was anger, pain, regret, blame, hatred and simply fear. But joy? My friend has cancer! The big C. When I first learned about her disease, I felt all of the above. Especially fear! Why her? I must have asked this question about a million times, and I know so did she. Then I discovered something very special ….there is indeed joy in cancer!

I flew out of state to see her and her daughter for two days. My heart was pounding all the way from the airport to the hotel. I felt nervous as I took the elevator to the 8th floor. And there it was again….this feeling of fear which takes your breath away, grabs your heart and squeezes it until you feel the physical pain as well as the emotional pain. I knew it all too well. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door….I heard voices from within. As I waited, I tried to swallow my emotions and by the time the door opened, I successfully managed to put on my smile and looked into the eyes of a beautiful little girl. My friend’s 9 year old daughter smiled at me politely and invited me into the room. And there she was. Her strong aura just as I remembered her; smiling, strong and surrounded by positive energy. Her energy field overshadowed her physical appearance a hundred times.  When I met her 15 years ago, her optimistic demeanor and positive attitude was one of the reasons why we became such good friends. Now, these qualities seemed to have enhanced even more. How can this be? She is fighting a deadly disease! She stood in front of me like a warrior, ready to kick the Big C’s behind. I was very excited and surprised to see her in such good spirit. The 48h hour countdown began.

We talked for the next few hours and enjoyed catching up. Her uplifting spirit made the word “worry” disappear from the dictionary. She has a contagious gift to make you see the world and life itself in a peculiarly positive way.  My friend may appear physically fragile, but her mind is stronger than the strength of a grizzly bear. As our laughs and chatter filled the room for the next two days, I was taken back to a carefree life we all used to have when we were younger (when you are young there are no worries and you are invincible).

But stop! What has changed? The only thing that has been altered is our attitude. We allow our social surroundings to influence us. The newspapers are filled with horrifying stories, the TV new channels are only talking about death, sorrow, and tragedy….human nature appears to be addicted to other people’s misery. And as this negativity creeps up inside of us, we stop trusting in the Universe. Not intentionally, but successfully.

As I watched my very ill friend carefully for the next 48h, I kept noticing the sparks in her eyes. All I could see in her face was true happiness and peace. And I finally understood! I found it…. the “joys” of cancer!

Simply, appreciate all the good things that happen to you, even if they seem unimportant at this time. Show gratitude and thank God and the Universe daily.  If you are unhappy in life (unfulfilled relationships or jobs etc) get out and find someone or something that makes you happy.  Laugh and enjoy life, take chances to avoid regrets! Don’t let the daily routine and its negativity take over, instead chose happiness and trust in the Universe. It only has good things for you in mind if you open your heart and listen to it.


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