America is an over-medicated nation, which spends over 300 Million Dollars a year on prescription drugs.  Can drugs save lives? Yes, we are we fixed on simply treating symptoms and ignoring the root cause of the health problem! Most of us suffer from the “White Coat Syndrome”; if the doctor says it’s ok to take this drug, then it’s ok, right? Well, not necessarily.

For example, the most sold drugs in the U.S. are pain meds. They can be addictive, and damage your liver and other vital organs. Those who take pain meds every day certainly begin to rely on them to kill their pain. You stop searching for the underlying cause and become their slave.



Don’t just blindly rely on the monthly prescription from your doctor; instead consult with doctors who heal on holistic levels. For example, consult with a chiropractor who is also trained in Kinesiology, or make an appointment with an Acupuncturist who also specializes in Oriental Medicine.

Pain can be caused by a disturbance (blocked energy) in your nervous system. By manipulating certain points in the body, blockages can be opened up again, energy starts to flow and the pain can subside.


The second most prescribed drug in the U.S. is to lower cholesterol levels.  “I take a pill daily, so I can eat whatever I want”. It is wrongly presented as the wonder drug, the quick fix to take care of these skyrocketing Cholesterol levels. These drugs promise to reduce high levels of LDL, which is the bad cholesterol and increases levels of HDL, which is the good cholesterol.

The side effects of these drugs are liver damage, liver toxicity, nerve damage; memory impairment, pain, flu-like symptoms…the list is long. Why not just change your life style? Change your diet!!! Shed some of those unwanted pounds and exercise. Start with easy exercises. Go daily for a short walk and slightly increase the distance over time. Not only will you cardiovascular system appreciate the exercise, but also you will start to become more lean and healthy.

Have oatmeal for breakfast; switch to olive oil, garlic contains an amino acid called allicin, which protects your heart. Red wine, in moderation, thins your blood and keeps those arteries form clotting. You can even eat small amounts of dark chocolate daily; it is up to 25 times more effective then statins.



Another highly prescribed medication is to control hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Who doesn’t know heart burn, that feeling of burning pain than can wake up the dead in the middle of the night. If you experience heartburn, you need to balance the acids in your body. Unfortunately the average western diet is acid producing and can cause our organs to malfunction and break down. You must counter acidity with alkaline foods. Eating the proper foods will help balance your body and prevent your from living a low quality live.

Add root vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, garlic and lemons to your diet. Did you know that an acidic body is a magnet for cancer and aging? Alkaline foods keep your body healthy and prevent combating.

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