So What is “Orgonite”? 

Orgonite is a compound material, or rather a formulation, consisting of powdered, shaved or filed metals, quartz stone or crystal, other stones or minerals, and certain other organic material, cast in a resin substrate to a specific shape, given the intended purpose.

The exact composition is proprietary among individual orgonite creators, however, all forms and manifestations of orgonite share basic components and features, and the creation process, in its most general terms and steps, essentially the same.

The complexity of the orgonite, its components, the mixture and methods used to create it depend vastly on the intended primary use of the end-product, from very basic and purpose-driven, to very elaborate, ornate and decorative.

What does “Orgonite” Do?

Regardless of its ultimate composition, size and shape, orgonite generally performs well for the intended use, in that it absorbs and transmutes varying forms of negative energy, and in exchange (as all energy must be transmuted or exchanged), released positive, healthy, radiant energy.    You can think of orgonite as an “energy cleanser” in the most basic terms.

Because of the nature of the all-encompassing “Life Force” which pervades all things (all matter is energy), much of the Orgonite’s work and the benefits thereof cannot be measured by mainstream science and the use of traditional measuring devices.

Where and How do you use “Orgonite”?

Orgonite can be placed / distributed / used in all of the following ways:

  • in any areas where significant electro-magnetic fields are present
  • in any areas where intangible signals / waves are present (WiFi, Bluetooth, Networking Devices, Personal computing devices, Mobile technology, etc.)
  • in areas where man-made machinery / technology / equipment are used.
  • on a person or pet for energetic balancing / shielding
  • in rooms or areas needing energetic balancing / shielding
  • in areas where animals or plants are kept
  • in areas where negative energy or stagnant energy is present or recurs.
  • in areas of decay, pollution, contamination, areas which are not “thriving” in the positive sense of the word.
  • in and around homes, places of work, creative spaces, etc.  where proper energy flows are amiss or lacking.
  • throughout your outside spaces (garden, yard, landscaping features)
  • and many more….

As a general rule just place the orgonite the closest to where you want the positive effect.  Place the orgonite as close to “on, or under, or next to” the offending item(s) or centrally within certain areas in need.  There is no “too much” or “too many” when placing orgonite.

There are dozens of other examples, however the general rule is quite simple as you probably figured out by now: just put the orgonite(s) the closest to where you want the effect.

What are some noticeable benefits of “Orgonite” near you?

  • better ability to handle and deal with stress
  • enhanced mental clarity
  • improved sleep quality
  • significantly less mental and/or physical fatigue
  • better immune function, less inflammation
  • improved balance and coordination
  • overall heightened sense of well-being

What are the best ways to distribute “Orgonite”? 

Two important principles of the use and distribution of orgonite are:

  1. adequate coverage of your living, resting, recreational and work spaces (interior and exterior) where you spend the most time,
  2. “Gifting” to other people, to animals, to nature, and to public places and spaces where the energy might be less than ideal (“you know it when you see it”).

I currently offer for sale:       (more items coming soon!)

  • Pyramids — 3.25″ x 3.25″ x 2″ approx. (ideal for personal spaces, rooms, office, etc.). Each pyramid is custom-made and individually unique. The pictures show samples of some of my completed ones.


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In particular my pyramids, — adhering to the natural ratios of “phi”, as seen in the great pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), — are each a unique, custom (“1-off”) creation. No two of my pyramids are ever alike or identical, other than approximate size and weight.  Each piece is a hand-made work-of-art in its own right.


  • * NEW *  Garden Harmonizers / Chem-Busters — Base is approx. 6″ (=15 cm) in diameter, heavy and sturdy. Three enriched 5″-6″ copper pipes. Meant for placement outdoors with unobstructed “view” to the sky and sun.(NOTE: the larger 12″ pipe and 24″ pipe models are only available upon request; prepayment required)



  • Personal Nuggets — approx. 1.5″ x 0.75″ x 0.75″ (ideal for daily on-the-person carry, also ideal for plants, in your car, in your purse or bag, near personal electronic devices)



  • Pucks — approx. 2.5″ dia. x 0.75″ thick, ~ 20% smaller than a standard hockey puck  (ideal for “orgonizing” your home (interior and exterior), your outdoor spaces, or for “gifting” other areas in need of energetic cleansing and harmonizing.