“My first reiki treatment was very interesting. I had no idea what to expect, but it was amazing! I experienced different sensations as each part of the body was treated and the treatment lasted for several days after the treatment. The best part for me was how it helped my sinus’. I have terrible allergies and sinus’ and during the treatment I actually felt relief from the congestion which lasted for several days after the treatment. Reiki is an amazing treatment and everyone should try it.”
— B. Taylor, Wesley Chapel, FL

“I have never previously had any reiki-treatments. Now, following several reiki treatments, I find them to be extremely relaxing and calming. You regain a feeling of being re-vitalized and re-energized. Stresses and imbalances you feel within, appear to vanish as your level of refreshing calmness improves. Chi-Balls are also great “pick-me-ups” when you need increased energy and mental stamina to weather the stresses of life. Think of reiki treatments as massages for your inner self. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
— S.C., St. Petersburg, FL

“I enjoyed my first reiki treatment from Daniela last year and have been a regular visitor ever since. The whole experience is amazing. Daniela is very gentle and friendly and explains everything before she starts. The room is peaceful and relaxing, with candles burning, a lovely scent and lowered lighting. With each laying on of hands, I experienced a little warmth and she explained why this was. She started at my head and worked down through my body to my feet and then I turned over and she did my back. The treatment takes about an hour and afterwards I feel like I have slept for 8 hours. So I say WOW! I can only advice everyone to try this. One of the best things you  can do to strengthen your health, both physically and spiritually.”
— S. Behrmann, Hamburg, Germany

 “My first Reiki experience was wonderful.  It was the best thing I’ve done while being pregnant. It was very calming as beautiful music played in the background.  Once Daniela started, I felt so relaxed with the warmth of her touch, it was almost as if I was floating, like I was in another place. My body felt like I didn’t want to move, I had to just lay there for 15 minutes before I could get up.  I felt blessed, rejuvenated and at peace.  I was really impressed by the spiritual energy that she provides.  It was awesome, I would definitely recommend you give it a try.”
— Reecie, Riverview, FL

“Well, not knowing what to expect, and yet having all the confidence in the world, my experience with my Reiki practitioner was a positive experience. I detoxed and found myself needing sleep after my treatment. During, I felt my body actually lifted from the comfy couch and was floating as if suspended in the air. I had waves of energy going through my body, not sure if removing energy or giving energy. Nevertheless I felt wonderful afterwards. Each session was better than the next. Pain was decreased in areas of concern and it felt as if I was receiving heat from her hands. Highly recommend reiki to everyone.”
— T. Russo, Tampa, FL

“My best friend Daniela introduced me to Reiki at a time in my life where i had just ended a longterm relationship and was feeling very low. I felt like i was beside myself and desperately needed to do something. Being the positive person i am, i tried to look forward and i talked about the way i felt with Daniela. I knew she had been practicing Reiki and we had talked about this, but this seemed the right time for me to actually experience Reiki.

We live thousands of miles apart, so Distance Reiki was the only option at this point. The night she sent me Reiki for the first time, i slept very peacefully, and when i woke up, the palms of my hands were glowing. At the same time i felt almost as if i was floating, i felt so strong and everything seemed so much lighter. Daniela then introduced me to Reiki Level 2 and i must say that since then, everything just happens and falls into place. I am so much more confident, i am in a new relationship, and i am about to move to another country. At this stage I really think I cannot do anything wrong. I feel I want to share Reiki with everyone, so they can experience the way I feel, happy, loved, secure, guided and confident in everything I undertake. During the atttunements, I had a lovely inner peace and it made me feel more balanced. I am immensely greatful that Daniela introduced me to Reiki, since Reiki came into my life, it has helped me look into the windows of my past. It has given me the inner strength to gently deal with old buried emotions and face up to the blockages that they caused. I can now go forward and find my real self.

If you are experiencing pain, dealing with emotional scars, depression, life changing situations, stress or self-esteem issues, then open up to Reiki. Daniela will help you bring inner peace, contentment and joy back into your life.”

— Janet L., Switzerland