Past-Life Regression (guided)

What is Past Life Regression???

First of all, what exactly is past life regression? It is a technique, used with either hypnosis or deep meditation to recover memories of a past life. With this type of technique, you can understand fears, explain a déjà vu, and learn to understand, why you are having unexplained, vivid dreams, or wondering about certain behaviors.

Let me tell you about a client of mine, let’s call her Ana, who comes in regularly for Reiki treatments.  A few weeks ago, she came to me and wanted me to do a Past Life Regression for her. Ana is a 36 year old, beautiful and smart woman. She has dated a few times, here and there, but has not yet found “Mr. Right”. She wanted to find out, why she couldn’t find love, and why she did not wanted children.

During the therapy, we found out, that in Ana’s past live, she was married to a man she loved dearly. Her past life husband was a former soldier, and lost his limbs in a war zone.  Seeing her husband bound to a wheel chair, unable to move, evoked dramatic emotions inside her. Facing him suffer on a daily basis, broker her heart.  Further into the therapy, we discovered, that Ana also had a son with this man, about 6 years old, who had died tragically. Unconsciously, she brought this dramatic experience back into this current life.  We performed some clearing exercises with her past life, so she could let go of it, as well as her pain and underlying fear to date a man she may have to take care of again.

Weeks later, Ana told me, she feels so much better. A mountain was lifted of her heart and soul, and she felt free and happy.

My past life regression therapy starts out with a specialized Reiki treatment, followed by a deep, relaxing meditation. Once the client is reaching this state, I start with my therapy lead my clients back in time to their earliest memories.  My client is part of this journey throughout and will be guided further into their previous lives. At this point, they can connect to their past life, heal and clear memories, understand fears and dreams, as well as get a better understanding on who they really are.

These type of past life therapies cannot be performed within an hour. I block out at least 120 Minutes for each session, and will take as much time as needed. Multiple appointments may be necessary for some people, to get to the level of deep relaxation which is needed to dive into the past life.

The cost for this treatment is $150 per session (about 120 Minutes).