My Services

  • Reiki Energy Treatment (hands on healing and long distance)
  • Reiki Attunements (Levels I, II, III/Master & Karuna and Kundalini)
  • Space Clearing
  • Guided Past Life Regression with Meditations
  • Energy field reading (I enter your personal energy field/Aura in order to address specific questions or issues you have in a subconscious level)





Guided Past Life Regression with meditation (90-120 Min) $149

-Discounts for multiple sessions, usually more than one session is necessary

Remote Energy field reading (max 60 Min) $79

Reiki treatment in person (60-90 Min) $75

Chakra Balancing in person, incl. mini meditation (30 Min) $30

Space Clearing (on site) $50 per hour, travel time may be charged


Single Classes and Attunements

-Level I $250

-Level II $300

-Level III $350