Your heart is the essence of your spiritual and emotional being. Listening to your heart is much more valuable than always making decisions with your head. Your heart is joyful, creative and loving. If you believe that the heart is too uncertain and even misguided, then your head is talking! You may think that you act selfish by listening to your heart. Know that your ego is every bit as abusive as another damaging individual. If you have a “fight with yourself” you’re trying to justify yourself to your ego and convince it you aren’t this person, you don’t have these fears, you don’t have doubts and you really are capable. Your ego loves this because it will trick you into thinking that you can win the argument, that you can convince it and resolve the issue, and that you’ll receive peace after having this struggle with yourself.

The heart is a source of great richness, and this wealth is one that cannot be wasted or lost. It is the essence of your being, your joy, your love and compassion.

The Universe is listening to your heart and the power of the entire universe lives within you and all around you. Once you realize this and accept this, things will change for the better. I used to wish for love and wonder when my soul mate would come to tell me that he had arrived. I grew impatient and often doubted the universe because my soul mate did not appear as fast as I wanted him to. And the reason for this was simple, I (and perhaps my soul mate as well) was not ready!It was a hard lesson to learn, however, once I was ready for him, we found each other.
What you wish for will occur if you have patience to wait for it. The energy of the universe is powerful and your wish will come true. Believe what you wish for is always on its way. Take every chance that is offered to you because they will bring you closer to what your heart desires.

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