Body Cleansing & Rebooting

Body cleansing is a way to eliminate toxins from your body over time.  Environmental toxins include all the chemicals and pollutants that you are exposed to through air, water, and food. Metabolic Toxins are produced each day by your cells or can be produced by microorganisms that act on incompletely digested food in your digestive tract.

If you have ever felt run-down, depressed or ill, chances are that in the course of your everyday life, you are surrounded by toxins without knowing it.

How often should you detox and cleanse your body? It depends on how much fresh, ripe, organic, whole fruits and vegetables you eat and how much processed, unhealthy, junky foods you must remove.

I like to detox at beginning of each season (spring, summer, fall and winter). I go on a strict regimen of green smoothies and raw foods. I also use all natural products from varies health stores. For example; Mineral detox, metal detox, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser, whole body detox, etc.

In order to really give your whole body a complete “tune-up”, there are several things to consider.

  1. What is your current lifestyle?  (stress factors, eating habits, sleep patterns, etc.)
  2. What are you predominantly putting ON or IN your body daily?
  3. What is your current level of overall health? What complaints do you have?
  4. What pharmaceutical medications, if any, are you on? Much of Western Medicine focuses on treating “symptoms” (= manifestations), rather than “causes” (= root or origin of a problem).
  5. What is your current level of exercise, if any?
  6. What are your current food sensitivities? Are you aware of any? Do you have any allergies?

It’s very helpful to get a starting benchmark of where you and your body currently ARE, along with an understanding of how it got to the current condition it is now in.  It’s quite difficult to determine a “treatment plan” (of how to get your body back on-track), without these initial assessments.

Most, if not virtually “all”, of our body’s problems arise out of what we are doing TO the body, by way of putting things ON or IN our body, and also to some extent things we are NOT doing (i.e. “neglecting to do” when we should be doing).

Here are some of the most basic things you can do, in conjunction with working with a Medical Professional, in no particular order of importance, and keeping in mind that everyone’s situation is unique and that results can vary:

  • significantly increase your intake in pure, clean, mineralized water (most water lacks essential minerals, so you need to add them back in!)
  • adopt the new or ‘modified’ healthy living food pyramid  (the “official” one keeps you sick and on the path to life-long illness and disease!)
  • reduce or eliminate unnatural (i.e. man-made or processed) sugars.  (local raw honey is best sweetener you can use!)
  • reduce or eliminate processed foods  (esp. the “junk foods”)
  • STOP USING THE MICROWAVE!!! — it destroys everything worthwhile in our food.
  • reduce or eliminate addictive substances (e.g. Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugars, Carbonated Drinks, etc.)
  • significantly increase whole organic fruits and vegetables and whole-grains
  • eliminate unnatural / processed oils (canola, corn, etc.) in favor of cold-pressed, natural oils (like olive or coconut oil)
  • significantly reduce or eliminate NON-organic animal products (meat, dairy, etc.)
  • do a heavy-metal detox to eliminate harmful accumulation of heavy metals within the body
  • do an anti-parasite treatment to eliminate any possible harmful parasites that you may be hosting
  • substitute chemicals and other regular artificial products for more natural alternatives, to reduce your exposure to toxic substances
  • do a complete colon cleanse and gut-reboot to jump-start your digestion, incl. coffee-enemas.  (many conditions, illnesses and diseases have their origin in a dysfunctional gut!!)
  • take high-potency probiotics (quality is key!)
  • increase daily intake of high-potency macro-nutrients (e.g. Spirulina, etc.)
  • aim for high-quality fats, proteins, fibers and vitamins and minerals in their most complete and natural state (again, quality is key!)
  • daily consumption of cold-pressed fresh vegetable/fruit-juices with natural pulp   (NOT store-bought!)


Essentially, it is the overall aim to:

  • reduce the body’s level of toxicity  (i.e. reduce the “waste-load” on the organs and tissues)
  • restore and optimize vital organ function (tune-up)
  • alkalize the body  (making it LESS ACIDIC in terms of its overall pH value, although there is variance among the organs and systems)
  • restore and optimize the body’s natural “flora” (beneficial and necessary bacteria)
  • reduce inflammation throughout the body
  • strengthen and optimize the body’s natural disease-fighting abilities


Accomplishing these objectives takes time, dedication and perseverance. However, the potential payoff is HUGE, not to say “priceless”.  Not only will you significantly improve your overall quality of life, but your body will likely last longer (absent other intervening factors), you will achieve a significantly higher level of good health (than what you might be presently), and you may be able to even go off medications that might become unnecessary, because the underlying condition(s) no longer exist(s)… and you may be even able to potentially turn back the aging clock, and reverse some of the damage done to your body.

It is important to think of these changes as lasting lifestyle changes, and changes in harmful habits (i.e. “conditioning”), rather than isolated quick fixes.   The longer you do these things listed above, and the more you adopt these changes into your daily routine, the better and more permanent the positives changes will become, and the longer the results are likely to last.