Erotic energy is life energy

As civilization has evolved, we separated mind and body, head and heart, sexuality and spirituality.  We mostly stop or limit intimacy and simply forget what it means to be fully alive. This causes us to lose touch with the beautiful pleasures and experiences of sexuality.  Erotic energy is all about living. Those who have repressed sexuality have automatically, unknowingly, suppressed other areas of their lives. Erotic energy is naturally a part of survival and not shameful or embarrassing.  Sexuality means joy, love and healing.  If you are not joyful about it, it is difficult to take pleasure even in simple things, like a pretty sunset, a beautiful rainbow….enjoying watching others laughing and having a good time. Frequent Reiki energy treatments can actually help balance your chakras to fully experience the feeling of life.

Living a healthy sexual life lowers stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, improves your self-esteem, and deepens intimacy between you and your partner. It is a dance between male and female energies. It brings you closer, it bonds you with your partner and it creates a deep connection.

How would you define a healthy and happy relationship?  Having a mutually gratifying relationship, in which both (female and male) enjoy sexuality equally, is ideal. Being open about needs and preferences are just as important as the frequency of “doing it”. Our bodies and sexuality are divine. When jointly reaching the peak during an erotic moment, our souls touch with another and can really do no more. Energetically, you have exchanged everything there is and shared unconditional love together. You created growth and healing often only experienced between soul-mates, and two people who share unconditional love.

Create a night of erotic energy and pleasure. Imagine yourself surrounded by candles in a room full of aromatic scents, soft music and light.  Would you like to take a bath together? Envision yourself gently soaping each other’s body while lying in bathtub full of warm water. To open up the flow of energy in your bodies, close your eyes and relax your body. The intention is to be so relaxed that it activates your energy centers called chakras. Leave your cares behind and focus on self and beloved. Reach out to you partner and feel his or her heart, belly, and body.  Heart represents relationship and love, belly emotions and body need for desire.  Leave behind the stress of the day and emerge within the relaxed, sensual moment. Enjoy yourself, take your time, and don’t rush into anything. Create a moment of closeness which brings you to the peak of intimacy.



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