The liver is an organ with an incredible capacity for regeneration, rebuilding and cleansing. Most people are in the dark about how unhealthy and neglected their liver really is, and in what desperate state of disrepair this organ probably is, being in great need of healing. The problem is, we normally don’t “see” or “feel” anything, as our liver degrades.  If you are experiencing any of these following symptoms, you may have some form of dysfunction of the liver.

  • amenorrhoe, heavy periods
  • drye eyes, blurred, vison, red painful eyes
  • depression, emotional frustration, repressed anger, lump in the throat feeling
  • belching, sour regurgitation, nausea, vomiting

The livers (un-)health can be responsible for most of these symptoms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , the liver is thought to be the most important organ for storing and cleansing blood. It regulates the volume of the blood, ensures the smooth flow of ‘Qi’ (Energy), controls the sinews, manifests in the nails, opens into the eyes, and controls the tears, and is even affected by emotions like anger.

The liver regulates the volume in the body according to physical activity. If active, blood flows to the muscles and sinews. When resting, blood flows back to the liver, contributes to restoring a person’s energy. When exercising, it flows to the muscles and sinews to nourish and moisten.

A good blood flow of the liver ensures good energy! If the blood flow of this vital organ is impaired, a lack of nourishment occurs, causing tiredness, a weak immune system and the possibility to be attacked by pathogens. If the liver stores blood normal, then menstruation is normal, emotions are in balance, digestion is normal. When our liver experiences blood deficiency, it can cause amenorrhea and scanty menstruation’s.  Abnormal liver functions affect the quality of the blood and can even cause skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis.

A healthy liver ensures the flow of Qi (Energy) and a healthy digestion. If the liver Qi flows smoothly, the stomach can ripen and rot food, which helps the stomach Qi to descent. A stagnation of the Liver Qi causes belching, sour regurgitation, nausea and vomiting, further causing digestive problems.

Some contributing factors, that cause an unhealthy flow in liver Qi are:

  • alcohol,
  • caffeine,
  • medications,
  • sugar,
  • fatty diet (the bad kind of fat),
  • environmental factors,
  • no exercise,
  • genetics,
  • etc. etc.


Besides a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet, I encourage a weekly 30-minute Reiki treatment for a healthy energy flow, until problems diminish and are remedied.  Liver-Reiki is geared directly towards the liver’s Qi, to release stagnation and discomfort.

The liver’s Qi will flourish and energize the body. For self-treatment, ground yourself for 5 minutes, move your hands to the liver for majority of the time, and spend some time on spleen and stomach. A regular weekly treatment will open the channels and the liver’s Qi can flow freely and in balance. Always envision the color green, for healing and health.

In addition, acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs can restore the liver back to full health and function, by targeting the acupuncture point of the liver meridian (“Liver 3”). The skilled acupuncturist can actually move the liver’s Qi directly into the liver itself, activating critical enzymes.

People with a “Non-alcholic fatty liver” (accumulation of fat within the liver that can cause inflammation of the liver), who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, abuse street drugs,  take a number of prescription medication,  and have sinus or digestive issues,  are constantly overworking their liver. When most of the liver becomes damaged to the point, were it cannot be repaired, the liver will no longer be able to function. To prevent this from happening, there are many herbs which can help to cleanse the liver. The ones I like the most are: Milk Thistle, because it will detox your liver, Chicory Root, due to its cleansing abilities, Dandelion Root, because it stimulates Bile flow, and  Organic Tumeric for regeneration of the liver.


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