You did it again.  You are a cruel warrior who lacks sympathy. Very successful is your raid throughout the world. You have no mercy, take everything your greedy fingers can hold on to; children, parents, siblings, grandparents…. You are a sadist. You find pleasure in pain and have your victims suffer for years. There are moments of weakness in disguise, let the hope rekindle, only so you can successfully strike again, with a taunting grin on your ugly face.

This time, you took my friend; she was a mother to a 9-year-old girl, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter and somone’s wife. My satisfaction is, that she put up a fight you didn’t count on. Her strength puzzled you, stunned you. You gave her the worst kind of cancers with a chance of 10% survival, and yet she still lived on.  What killed her in the end was in fact something that should have saved her. It was chemotherapy.

As you can tell, I am pretty upset. I am actually pissed of. Since my friend died in June, I could not stop thinking about her. Thoughts of sadness, memories, happy moments, followed by questions. What IF! What if she would have NOT depended on Western medicine. What if she would have chosen ALTERNATIVE medicine.  Would she have had a chance to survive? Would she still be here? And what type of alternative medicine is out there?

The first thing I want to say is, that the pressure coming from doctors, friends and family members is so profound, that most cancer patients can hardly withstand their pressure to start with chemo right away. The patient is not given a chance to research and think. They don’t get any time to think about what just happened to them. It is easy at this point, to convince someone to choose chemo over alternative medicine.

Let’s not kid ourselves. We know, the pharma-industry is HUGE. It’s a business, a multi-billion dollar business. Our pain, illness, disease is their win. They happily produce millions of pills for the consumer, enriching their monopoly. So why encourage a person with a terminal disease to try something natural that cost next to nothing, compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars Western medicine will cost?

There are a few natural pathways, one can chose. One of them is Gerson Therapy. It is known to be a successful alternative to chemotherapy and radiation.  It is a natural treatment, de-toxing your body to activate your own body’s abilities to heal itself. It includes organic, vegetarian diet, daily raw juices, coffee enemas, Vitamin C injections and natural supplements.  Patients usually start this alternative treatment at the clinics for 2-3 weeks, and then continue the Therapy from home for a minimum of two years for serious conditions such as cancer. There are follow-up consultations with the doctors at the clinic.

Why doesn’t everybody know about this? If it would work, then doctors would send their patients there, right? WRONG. Like I said, illness is a business. And there is NO business if there are healthy patients. Cancer treatments cost about $11,000 Dollars a month. Life expectancy of a cancer patient is, at best, approximately 5-10 years after being diagnosed.  However, in reality, it may be less then this for many. That is enormous profit of $132,000 per year for ONE cancer patient. In comparison to natural medicine, the trip to Gerson Therapy center is roughly $11,000 for two weeks of clinic, $600 for a good juicer and monthly cost for organic vegetables. I don’t think, I need to explain anymore.

I wish we all would be strong enough to accept the fact, that mother nature provides the poison and yet, she provides the antidote.  Active ingredients of many accepted and successful medications come from mother earth’s own kitchen. Let’s not rely on chemistry as much as we do. Don’t be blinded by cost. Synthetically manufactured vitamins are more popular, due to lower cost, then naturally occurring vitamins. Yet, they don’t work. It’s a chemical! Your body wants to detox that chemical compound, however it will gratefully absorb the natural product.

Gerson therapy overview and patients testimonials:

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